This poem was composed by my dad and recited by my brother when I was barely a year old and learning to stand on my own feet. (She laughs) It’s amazing I’ve had it on my bedside wall all these years. It happened to catch my attention this Sunday afternoon so I decided to share it with you. It goes this way:

Little sister, nice and sweet
Little sister, plump and gay
Trying hard to go on feet
Harder, harder everyday

Little feet that seem to say
Rosy Buddy, stand on us
We’re your own feet, come what may
We will bear you with no fuss

Little sister,Chijioke
Keeps on trying, often crying
Mummy comes and says ‘Ok
Chi-Chi Daddy, keep on trying’

Chi-Chi now can almost stand
Swaying, dancing all the way
When she hears the music band
Play on TV night or day

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