My cute little Chubbylicious makes me speechless when it comes to expressing what he means to me.The words,though in my heart seem inapt and uncapable of portraying this deep feeling of emotion engulfing me. Is it the joy of being a mother? When people called it joy,they lied. Pardon me. It’s not joy. It’s more than joy. It’s an astounding feeling that can be likened to one being high on something. You get my drift? Maybe you don’t. Well let me show you what I mean.

His complexion is like a mixture of vanilla and chocolate with an extra serving of vanilla untop. Round head crowned with a mass of dark curly hair, thick brows with long lashes, a well-formed nose and cherubic lips. Did I forget to mention his cheeks? How could I? Cheeks that are so chubby that I find it irresistible to plant kisses on them every minute; cheeks that remind me of the very name I fondly call him. Chubbylicious. I call him Chubbylicious, Chubs for short because he’s chubby and beautiful to behold. I know the word ‘beautiful’ is mostly used for us, females but Chubs is the very manifestation of the word ‘beautiful’. It’s really awesome to imagine how nine months of discomfort, nausea, weakness, swollen feet, and excrutiating pain can birth a beautiful, angelic, greatly-rewarding, ‘so-worth-the-stress’ bundle of joy. It’s simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

And then he chuckles. His lips part to reveal a toothless gum and a dimple appears on his right cheek. His innocent eyes light up with joy and the sound of his laughter as you tickle his sides gives an elation that is better experienced than imagined.

Being the God-sent angel that he is, he only cries when he’s wet, hungry or sleepy so it doesn’t take ages to know what he wants. The math is done by elimination of factors. Yes. if its not one, it has to be either of the other two. He makes it simple for me. God bless him.

Come watch him play. He plays hard and he chuckles hard too. He screams in excitement with a voice much louder and stronger than you would expect from a 4 month-old baby. Then he lifts both chubby legs up and lands them hard on the bed and kicks out in the air in a rapid motion. Other times he grabs his bib or the nearest baby blanket and throws it over his head, only to chuckle when you remove it from his face.

Sleeping time is a time to cherish. After a warm bath and being wrapped like a bundle in his towel, he has a smile of contentment on his face – that is, if he has just been breast-fed and wants to welcome sleep the gentle way. If not, he cries hard, so hard that you almost begin to wonder if the math formula works after all but just at that moment, his cry descends to a softer tone and his lids begin to shut even as he tries to stay awake. when he sleeps, his cherubic face has a peacefulness about it that makes you want to stay up all night just to watch him sleep.

Every day as I watch him grow, I can’t help but agree with the lyrics of Jodie’s song ‘Kuchi Kuchi’:

Oh baby
When I wake up wake up in the morning
I see your lovely face
Your cheeks like butter honey from attica

You take my breath away
Your pretty little fingers so tender like petals from the morning bloom
Your laughter a joy to remember heaven has blessed me with you
The very day you came to me

My whole life became brand new
Because of you
Oh baby oh baby
I see me in your eyes
Oh baby oh baby
I see love in your smile…

In the middle of the night I wake up
When I hear you cry
It seems something binds us together
I can hardly live a moment without you

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